Sentence Writing: Materials for K-12 Instruction and Practice

Picture prompt
Picture prompt

Writing is tricky.

Many things must go ‘right’ for proficient writing to occur.

Some of these things include: handwriting, spelling, grammar/usage, idea generation, organization, etc.

Writing can be especially tricky for students who, for whatever reason, struggle with sentence construction. Sentence construction is the skill of composing words into a common structure (e.g., simple, compound, complex) understandable by readers.

This site provides some free, easy to use curriculum materials for K-12 teachers, students, parents, paraprofessionals, tutors, and anyone with an interest in improving sentence writing. To learn more, navigate the menu options at the top of click on the blue links below.

Sentence instruction – 3 instructional lessons designed to teach simple sentences.

Sentence practice – 15 practice sheets to continue refining sentence writing.

One way to promote writing is to provide picture prompts
One way to promote writing is to provide students with picture prompts like this larger one and the smaller one above.

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